Reno Restaurants

Including Sparks, NV Restaurants

Reno restaurants run the gamut from small diners to world-class dining establishments. And although Reno may be on the smaller side when compared to other cities, you will still find every ethnicity and style of cuisine represented among her eateries. In addition to Asian, Mexican and Italian, you may want to taste the French, Irish, Russian and even Basque food that exists here. In the outskirts of Northwest Reno, South Reno, Southwest Reno and Sparks, NV, restaurants include several family restaurants and dining options, while Midtown and Downtown Reno restaurants offer many interesting and hip culinary experiences. A visitor’s sampling of the Reno restaurants would not be complete without tasting the food presented by the high-end casinos for which the city is renowned. In many of these gaming establishments, a wide range of dining options are offered right onsite, from fast food joints for the whole family and coffee shops with late-night and breakfast specials all the way up to five-star fine dining, appropriate for celebrating that once-in-a-lifetime special event. Of course, a visit to the restaurants in Reno wouldn’t be complete without taking advantage at least once of the casinos buffet specials. Many of these feature a different theme every night of the week, and don't forget to show your player's club card to take advantage of dining special.

Bars & History for Reno Restaurants

The Reno bar scene is often an entity unto itself since, in Nevada, you're allowed to serve only alcohol without food. That opens the door for some really fun spots with the focus ranging from super hip bars to laid-back joints, and from high-class craft cocktails to more beers than you can sample in a year's time. Of course, many of the restaurants in Reno also have active bars within them.

The restaurants in Sparks, NV, and Reno also reflect the history of the region. Many of the dining establishments are reminders of the contributions made by immigrants of all nationalities to the development of Northern Nevada, while seafood options reveal our links to the nearby San Francisco Bay Area. Steakhouses are a tribute to the cattle industry of the Old West, and if you pay close attention to the menus of the Reno restaurants, you’ll notice the influence of the area's dairy farms.