Reno Shopping Must Haves

Including Sparks Shopping Must Haves

Whether you are in town for gaming, entertainment, recreational opportunities or you actually live here, the one activity that doesn't get much attention but is a huge attraction in and of itself is Reno shopping! Reno shopping offers the entire range of anything that you would or could ever want to buy. Maybe it's some UNR logo wear (Go Pack!) or something to do with the Aces or the Bighorns. Perhaps you're wanting to cowboy up in celebration of our Western heritage or to stock up on hunting and fishing gear. Home d├ęcor? Reno shopping has you covered with opportunities for high-end furnishings all the way through to chic, hip items from a downtown shop or boutique. The same goes for clothing whether you're into the latest fashions or a retro, repurposed outfit. Whatever your interest, Reno's got at least one or two stores that cater to it, from art and furniture to collectibles and candy to toys and clothes. For other items, like outdoor sporting gear, the problem is picking one Reno store from among all the choices. And of course, there's no shortage of locations where you can get your fill of souvenirs of your time in the Biggest Little City. Our Must Haves in Reno shops will help you hone in on items that the store owners themselves feel you'll especially appreciate.

Reno Shopping Around Town

At some of the resorts and casinos, you won't even have to leave the property in order to indulge in a Reno shopping spree. They've got all sorts of stores right on site. There are also a few malls where you can spend the whole day just checking out the different shops as well as well-designed shopping districts such as Midtown. But of course, there's always the fun of driving Downtown along S. Virginia and just popping into one of the endless quirky storefronts that line the iconic street through the middle of town.