Happy Hours in Reno Bars

Including Happy Hours in Sparks

Reno is all about having fun, and the people who run the Reno restaurants, bars and pubs know this better than almost anyone else. That's why you'll find so many of them offering great happy hour specials all through the week, early and often. In fact, you may run into several places where the happy hour in Reno is actually several hours long! While you are enjoying the drinks and snacks, you might also find live entertainment to go along with the treats. During happy hours in Reno, other venues might have the game on one of their big-screen televisions, or there could even be games and contests taking place during this time set aside for fun. If nothing else, you're sure to find other like-minded people who want to take advantage of the happy hour specials at the Reno restaurants. They might be visiting from out of town and taking a break from all of the other activities in the Biggest Little City. Or they may be locals who know all of the best watering holes in the area. Either way, they understand that the best method for getting the most out of a fun time on the town is to check out when and where the pubs, sports bars and other eateries and drinking establishments are offering the very best deals of the day.

Reno Restaurants and Fun

Sometimes you'll find that happy hours at Reno bars and restaurants coincide with other events taking place in the region. Whether it is a pub crawl or a big game at the University, Reno restaurants and bars like to help celebrate the activities with great deals on drinks, appetizers and entrees. A savvy consumer will be sure to check the weekday and weekend schedule. This way they can plan their afternoon and evening around all of the happy hour events and specials.