Reno Shopping Sales

Including Sparks/Reno Shopping Sales

One of Reno's attracting qualities is that it's a world-class destination for vacations and tourism, but it's also a big little city where residents live and work and play. What this means for Reno shopping is that it's always a great time for a sale! The city doesn't go dormant when tourism season is over like some other places. So there's no reason for Reno stores and shops not to run special events and sales whenever they can. And they do take advantage of a year-round selling season, with sales that tie into local special events, sales that coincide with national holidays and sales that take place just because the owners feel like having a sale. This isn't to say that it doesn't pay to keep an eye on the calendar, because you can also get some great deals during the off-season, like ski and board gear savings in the spring when the snow recedes and the local slopes shut down. Reno shopping becomes its own kind of talent, keeping track of who is offering discounts and where the best deals are taking place. If you plan your schedule correctly, you can save a ton of money on everything you need to buy ... and everything you want to buy!

A Variety of Reno Shopping

These special Reno shopping sales can take you all over town for the best deals. At the malls, you can combine your hunt for discounts with an event like a farmers market or fireworks display. Downtown, a sale might celebrate the bowling championships. And special events at Reno shopping spots can involve great savings on outdoor gear for fishing season, snow season or the big event on the playa, Burning Man.