Reno Daytime Events

Including Sparks Daytime Events

People not familiar with the area often assume that nothing happens here until the sun goes down, and, oh, how they are surprised when they learn about the Reno daytime events that can be found year round. Festivals of all sorts take place in spring, summer, winter and fall celebrating the wide variety of nationalities and ethnicities that are residents of the Truckee Meadows. Watch local celebrities stomp grapes for Italian wines, marvel at the Basque feats of strength and endurance, honor the heritage of the local Native American community at a powwow or take part in any of the other countless events held by different groups and populations. Other gatherings are designed to let both locals and tourists explore new and exotic foods as well as recipes featuring classic favorites. The farmers markets that can be found throughout town during the growing season showcase the produce of the surrounding area with delicious and healthy foods. And where else can you find an entire month devoted to the arts as when the city turns into Artown? It is a community-wide event that takes up the whole month of July when Reno daytime events are dominated by visual and performing arts with art popping up on every street and around every corner.

Reno Daytime Events in the Outdoors

Our special relationship with the surrounding natural world also lead Reno daytime events to feature activities and sports that take advantage of the mountains, lakes, rivers and open spaces that abound in the area. Not a week goes by without a celebration of biking, kayaking, skiing and boarding, running or hiking. Even the air is fair game for fun, so you won’t want to miss the airplane and hot air balloon races that fill the skies.

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