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Looking for things to do in Reno, NV? You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find all the fun Reno events from morning until night. These listings will give you all the information you need for Reno events: what’s happening, when and where it’s happening, how much it costs and all the other pertinent information you need to know. Reno is a modern city surrounded by a wealth of natural areas. This means you’ll have a fantastic array of choices when it comes to big-city entertainment, outdoor recreation and everything in between. The city is a haven for the arts and history, home to numerous casinos and host to an abundance of festivals and events taking place all year round. It’s also a foodie town with opportunities to explore farmers markets and attend food, wine and beer festivals at any time of year. Within and right outside the city are plentiful opportunities for indoor and
outdoor sports, and many of the area’s events celebrate the region’s biking, kayaking, skiing, boarding and hiking opportunities. There are many chances to catch the games of collegiate and national sports teams.

Reno Events

You can be certain that any mention of events in Reno, NV, includes an abundance of nightlife opportunities. The city’s casinos, entertainment venues, lounges, bars, resorts and clubs offer a steady stream of nighttime Reno events. From concerts to magic shows to standup comedy to sporting events and so much more, you’ll find something to do every single night of the week, even around the clock if you so desire. Just try to keep up!

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