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The Reno area draws so many people for so many different reasons that it really is impossible to stereotype or pigeonhole anyone here. And these people have been the subject of newspapers, magazines and other articles since before Nevada gained its statehood — just see what Mark Twain had to say about the region! That tradition is carried on still today as our local writers cover the folks who give Reno its character. You might read about the history of the Basque shepherds and learn where in town to get the best Picon Punch. Perhaps you'll check out a piece on Reno's Native American heritage and the annual Numaga Indian Days Pow Wow, hosted by the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony. Maybe what catches your eye will be a profile on the people behind the ever-popular pub crawls that have taken over the city or an award-winning recipe from the famous Rib Cook-off. Why is Reno the new tech hub of the West? What's being done to preserve the historic buildings downtown? How fast is our community growing, and where are the new people coming from? You never know just what new information these Reno articles will be presenting to you, and you'll be fascinated to find out what your friends and neighbors are up to in the Biggest Little City.

News of the Reno Area

Of course, all the noteworthy writing isn't just about the people here. The natural history and beauty of Reno and Sparks could fill a book or several, and in fact it has. From Tahoe just up the hill to the majestic Pyramid Lake, and from the Washoe Valley on up to White Lake Playa, our rugged scenic beauty just begs for attention. And we've got just the Reno articles to bring the great outdoors right onto your screen!

The Biggest Little Silver Screen: Reno in the Movies

By Anonymous
A couple of weeks ago we explored Carson City’s history with film and the iconic movie moments that cemented Northern Nevada forever in movie history. Seeing the city and its surrounding area immortalized in scenes with John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe and Clint Eastwood is a surreal experience. You can actually walk those... Read More

A Visit to Historic Virginia City

By Conor Villines
Reno's red-tan, shrub-covered surrounding hills hide one of the best preserved and most entertaining historic Wild West towns surviving anywhere in the United States – Virginia City. Virginia City was one of the richest places in the world after 1859 and through its huge 1870s boom years. Millions of silver and gold... Read More

Riding Reno's Snow: The Mt. Rose Highway

By Conor Villines
Skiing in Nevada? That’s right. Reno skiers have a lot to take advantage of by climbing up the snowy and forested Highway 431, also called Mt. Rose Highway.  Passengers on this Nevada Scenic Byway will enjoy impressive views over Lake Tahoe on their way to three ski areas with fewer crowds, affordable skiing, local... Read More

Reno Mountain Biking: How to Improve Your Endurance

By Ryan Carr, EdD, CSCS, CMPC
Mountain biking is an exciting sport with a variety of physical and psychological demands. On Tahoe’s world class trails, riders maneuver their bikes at fast speeds, corner within inches of obstacles like trees and boulders, drop off elevated pitches, and rumble through rock gardens. It’s a sport that requires... Read More

Reno Nightlife Hotspots

By Conor Villines
If you love the nightlife, Reno is the place for you. The city’s bright lights and entertainment options make it the biggest nightlife and bar scene for much of the mountain west region and a nationally recognized entertainment hotspot. Major nightlife locales include Downtown, Midtown, the University of Nevada, Reno... Read More