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Reno isn't called the Biggest Little City for nothing. While it's true that you can get to the airport in less than a half-hour from just about any place in town, it's also true that there is more going on here than you can imagine, let alone keep track of.  So in order to stay up on all of the latest events and activities, don't miss our timely and informative Reno blog. On a weekly basis, a Truckee Meadows insider will give you the background information on all your favorite goings-on and clue you in to new opportunities to get out and about. Forget about the Reno of yesteryear, when gambling was the main focus of the area and people came here in order to get a divorce. These days, participation opportunities abound whether you are a footloose and fancy-free Millennial, a parent trying to find something to catch the interest of kids or teens or someone just coming into the prime of your life. In fact, as you become a steady reader of the blog, you'll be amazed at how diversified the community has become over the past years, with something to offer all ages and all interests whether you've lived here forever or are visiting for the first time.

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From Downtown to Midtown and from Boomtown to Victorian Square, we know you want to dive into Reno and Sparks, you want to hear about the latest festival down on the Truckee River or find out what celebrities are playing the showrooms! You need to hear about the outdoor activities that make our area a world-class destination area, each and every season of the year. And the only way to keep up with it all is to read the Reno blog!

The Best Snowshoeing Around Reno

By Dan Bablinskas | Monday, January 15, 2024
Sitting just below Lake Tahoe in the High Sierras, Reno has a remarkable number of snowshoeing haunts in short driving distance from town. If you enjoy rigorous hikes in the cold and beautiful winter scenery, then these are some of the best options right around Reno. Thomas Creek Located in South Reno off the Mt.... Read More

The Best Places to See Christmas Lights in Reno

By Dan Bablinskas | Wednesday, December 20, 2023
Certain areas of Reno are known for their splendid — and competitive — displays of Christmas lights and other holiday decorations (can’t forget those loveable yard inflatables!). On these cold evenings when the sun sets early, it’s fun to grab some hot chocolates to go, fill up the car with family and friends, put on... Read More

Get Your Jingle on at Reno’s Santa Crawl

By Dan Bablinskas | Tuesday, December 5, 2023
There are few experiences as enlivening as a festivity where everyone is dressed up in costumes and the city streets are blocked off for everyone to enjoy the infectious holiday mood. Reno’s Santa Crawl is one such event. More thar 20,000 attendees don holiday regalia — Santa and Elf costumes and the like — and... Read More

Top 10 Hiking Trails Near Reno

By Mary Sisco | Monday, November 6, 2023
Are you a nature enthusiast with a fondness for breathtaking landscapes and invigorating outdoor adventures? It is time to explore the Reno area, where a diverse choice of hiking trails awaits. From beginner-friendly strolls to challenging treks, these top hiking trails near Reno offer something for everyone. Lace up... Read More

Reno's Biggest Little Brewery District

By Dan Bablinskas | Thursday, October 19, 2023
Situated next to the bus and train station and dubbed the Biggest Little Brewery District in the World, Reno’s brewery district is a great place to sample many of the region’s best local beers without having to drive to multiple locations. Spanning Fourth Street in downtown, there are several craft breweries as well... Read More