Reno Marijuana Products

Reno dispensaries sell a mind-boggling array of Reno marijuana products, and checking them out can be a highly educational experience. If you don’t live in a state with legalized marijuana, you might be surprised to see all the different ways you can get high these days. Yes, you can still buy a bag of weed (today they call it flower), but these days you don’t even need to roll your own joints or look between the sofa cushions for that lighter to fire up the bong. In today’s world, you can simply nibble a cookie, suck on a lozenge or drop a tincture under your tongue. And no longer do you just “get what you get” from the underground dealer. Now you walk into a dispensary and choose your strain — indicas for a full-body sedative effect, sativas for energizing head highs — with the help of knowledgeable budtenders. They also help you find the accessories you need for smoking, imbibing and dabbing (smoking a THC concentrate). Reno head shops and smoke shops also sell all sorts of cannabis accessories, vaping accessories and souvenirs. In this section you’ll find some of these must-have cannabis products in Reno.

Purchasing Marijuana in Reno

Medicinal marijuana dispensaries in Nevada have been open since 2015, and recreational marijuana in Nevada was legalized in January of 2017. There was quite a bit of legal wrangling before the state had a framework for the sale of Reno marijuana for recreational purposes, and it was July of 2017 before recreational dispensaries could legally sell their product. Business has been booming since then, and sales have set new revenue records for states with legalized pot. The basic rules are that you need to be 21 or older to purchase Reno marijuana for recreation, or you need a medical marijuana card to buy at a medicinal dispensary. In this section you will find marijuana products from Reno’s dispensaries and smoke shops. Whether you want cannabis-related products, novelties or souvenirs, this is the place to find them. 

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