Things To Do in Reno

Including Things to Do in Sparks

There's not a place where the phrase, "I'm bored," is less appropriate than in Reno, Nevada. Whether it's something for the kids, things to do just for the grown-ups or something that the whole family can enjoy, when you're in Reno, things to do is not an issue. Outdoors, we've got the Truckee River, miles and miles of walking and biking paths and parks with fields and meadows and lakes. There's pro baseball and college football if you're in the mood for a spectator sport. Indoors, between the museums, libraries, showrooms, shopping, galleries, exhibits, arcades, fitness centers and pro basketball and activities like laser tag and indoor trampolines, the problem isn't finding things to do in Reno, it's choosing what to do from among the many options. In Reno, things to do can mean watching a play or listening to a musical performance, or it can mean getting out and getting active, working up a sweat and feeling the burn. Whichever direction you take when you want things to do in Reno, you'll find it's here and ready and just waiting for you. And you'll find that there are plenty of other people here who share your interest and are glad to have you join in!

Annual Reno Things To Do

Whatever the time of year, you'll also find events and activities that take place on a yearly basis. Big national events like the air races and small local events like the farmers markets, Reno things to do can include them all. So mark the calendar and write them in your schedule book because with some of these Reno things to do, if you miss them on this go around it will be a full year until you can check them out again.