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Craft Brewery & Taproom in Reno & Sparks, NV

Step into the vibrant heart of Lead Dog Brewing Company at their Sparks location, where you can witness the creation of tasty beers and indulge in a true craft brewing experience. This is where Lead Dog creates and packages all the beers – and where you can drink them! The open-format taproom invites you to enjoy an "after-shifter" while observing the dedicated brewers at work. Lead Dog is constantly pushing the boundaries to craft progressive, distinctive styles that cater to every taste. Their approach to brewing is considered an art form, with each release featuring custom labels and collaborations with local artists, making every can a true work of art. With more than 30 different regular and one-off beer batches released annually, collecting art has never been so refreshing.

Lead Dog's Downtown Taproom has an industrial barn atmosphere and operates in partnership with their Sparks Taproom and production facility. Entertaining live music, art shows, trivia nights and food trucks in the outdoor courtyard all go along with tasty craft beer to anchor central Reno's Brewery District. The facility can be rented for private parties and events.