Josef's Vienna Bakery & Cafe, Cocos Cupel

Cocos Cupel

a coconut kiss atop a sugar cookie, sandwiched with chocolate buttercream, then dipped in our sweet milk chocolate
Josef's Vienna Bakery & Cafe, Petit Fours

Petit Fours

moist almond cake with the thinnest layer of raspberry preserves and marzipan covered in fondant icing- available with chocolate ganache icing - 24 piece minimum - allow 3-4 day lead time
Josef's Vienna Bakery & Cafe, Petit Linzer-Dough Sandwich Cookies

Petit Linzer-Dough Sandwich Cookies

filled with your choice of linzergaugen (raspberry), lemon drops, or apricot fruit preserves
Josef's Vienna Bakery & Cafe, Sonja's Chicken Pot Pie

Sonja's Chicken Pot Pie

generous chunks of chicken breast with fresh vegetables in a creamy gravy topped with a flaky pie dough crust and served with a mixed green salad
Josef's Vienna Bakery & Cafe, Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Our wedding cakes are hand-crafted, with special attention to detail and design. Not only should your cake taste divine, it should be gorgeous as well!