Reno Restaurant Great Plates

Including Sparks Restaurant Great Plates

There is a lot of really good food in Reno, and even the locals would be hard-pressed to sample all the dining options that the region has to offer. That's why everyone who wants to taste the best of the best needs to check out the Reno restaurant Great Plates options. Great Plates are those particular specialties on the menus that give each eatery its own special identity. If you've been in town for any amount of time, you know about the Awful Awful Burger and the Picon Punch. That's what we mean by a Great Plate. But while these examples aren't exactly culinary secrets, you may be surprised to learn that nearly all of the Reno restaurants have a unique meal or drink that can be considered to be their own signature offering. It just takes a lot of footwork and research to find them all. That's why we gather them together here, so you don't have to waste your time on the mundane but can instead treat your taste buds to the very best foods in the Truckee Meadows. Because life is too short and there are just too many restaurants to try them all out without knowing what menu option is worth your effort!

Reno Restaurant Great Plates Big and Small

The big restaurants in the casinos and resorts of course have Great Plate dishes that you'll want to sample. But don't neglect the small neighborhood pubs and street-corner diners. This is where, with our help, you'll find the foods that border on the sublime, the unheralded and hidden gems among the Reno restaurants. Don't miss your chance to eat a meal that just might be the next big culinary discovery!