Hotels in Reno

Including Hotels in Sparks, NV

Hotels in Reno are most plentiful in the downtown area, putting visitors close to the gaming action, but other places to stay are spread out throughout the city. Lodging in the Biggest Little City includes the whole gamut of properties, from resort hotels and luxury rentals to small motels, bed and breakfasts and RV parks. Whatever your budget and whatever your preferred mode of overnight stay, you'll find it here. As Reno becomes more diversified and includes more tech and corporate business, new hotels in Reno have also joined the community, offering traveling professionals a home base away from the casinos and nightlife. Other hotels in Sparks, NV, and Reno cater to the people drawn here for the outdoor sports and activities. The staff at these hotels know that some special allowances need to be made for ski and board equipment, or they have employees who can help you plan your river rafting trip or your day to do some standup paddleboarding on the big lake. The staff members at the hotels in Reno are great resources when you want to learn about all the fun things to do in town.

Amenities at Hotels in Reno

Some of the hotels in Reno are ultra-modern with all of the latest conveniences and amenities, while others have a homey and nostalgic feel to them, and you get the feeling that staying there is a family tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Most of the big resort hotels have several dining options, from coffee shops and diners to fabulous high-end restaurants. But many of the smaller Reno and Sparks, NV, hotels and motels also have a restaurant under the same management, or there is a next-door diner that they have a partnership with. This way, you don't have to hunt for a meal, and that can all make your stay just that much more convenient.