Work for Rapid Results at this Reno Fitness Studio

Infinity Fitness, located in Midtown Reno, believes the diverse backgrounds of our hand-selected instructors ultimately provide our clients with a wide variety of benefits and success. Our instructors have combined histories that include work in various medical fields, fitness programs, and regimes, in addition to community programs specified to all ages and abilities.

Reno Fitness Studios Has Diverse Classes 

Here at Infinity Fitness Studios, we offer classes in a plethora of different fitness realms. This Reno fitness studio offers Pilates and several functional fitness training disciplines including TRX and Gravity Training Systems.  

This Reno Fitness Studio Cares 

Infinity Fitness Studios provides instructors with fine-tuned people skills and a drive to help you succeed. This Reno fitness studio will guide you, safely and happily, to your goals, and wants to help you structure your strengths and enhance your beauty from the inside out.