Reno Government Organizations

The Biggest Little City serves as the county seat for Nevada's Washoe County, and many of the Reno government organizations are those at either the city or the county level. But as the largest community in Northern Nevada, there are also a number of state- and federal-level government organizations here, even though the state capital of Carson City sits just half an hour to the south. Reno government organizations that one might have to deal with can include commerce, construction, education or the environment. The physical offices and contacts for most of these will be found in the central area of Reno or in the industrial and business area of Sparks. For a number of reasons, not the least of which is the concentration of medical facilities and providers in the area, many of the Reno government organizations are concerned with the issue of United States military veterans affairs. The fact that the University of Nevada, Reno, is here also makes it convenient for many of the state's offices of higher education to have locations in the area. The building boom that the region is experiencing in practically all areas of the community has brought a new level of prominence to the government organizations that deal with the construction trades.

Reno City Government Organizations

The Reno government organizations that exist at the city level include the city offices of both Reno and Sparks. Reno's city government is located downtown near the river and the iconic arch. The Sparks city hall is on Prater Way, not far from the Victorian Avenue area that helps define so much of the city's culture and atmosphere.