Reno Community Events

Including Sparks Community Events

You've never seen a town that loves to get together so much as we do here! The calendar schedule of Reno community events is packed full of fun activities and gatherings. It's the rare afternoon or evening when some sort of meeting or event isn't taking place, to say nothing of the weekends. The Reno community events cover just about any sort of activity that you can imagine, from sports to academic lectures, political rallies to heritage celebrations, and from art exhibits to rodeos. Some of these get-togethers take place year after year and have become an integrated part of our community and our history. People look forward to these events, organizing and planning for months prior to the date. Other gatherings are more spontaneous or center around the issues and concerns of the day. On any given Saturday or Sunday you might see a group of people gathered downtown to raise awareness of the health of the Truckee River, to celebrate the public art of the area or to meet up for some other similar reason. But no matter what sort they are, all of the Reno community events serve to strengthen the fabric of our dynamic and active lifestyle here in the Truckee Meadows.

Reno Community Events Venues

We are fortunate in that we have so many wonderful venues for our Reno community events. In the heart of the city there is the events center, the urban oasis Wingfield Park and the Believe Plaza. Spread throughout the area are other sites such as the convention center, the Livestock Events Center, the university and numerous county libraries, parks and sports complexes. For either indoor or outdoor Reno community events, there are plenty of options to meet the requirements of the gathering.

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