Reno Weddings

Although the Biggest Little City originally gained national fame as a place for divorce, these days we are known better for Reno weddings and honeymoons. Both the city itself and the surrounding area make for some of the most scenic and memorable weddings that one can imagine. Because of this, Reno has a community of world-class professionals in the field of wedding planning, production and all related activities. This includes a varied and wide-ranging selection of services that includes event planning, catering, photography and videography, travel and more, to say nothing of the actual officiants and facilities managers for the actual weddings themselves. Many of the people who come to the area for their wedding choose to utilize the services available through one of the resorts. In many cases, the hotels have assembled a collection of providers with whom they have worked and trust to provide the best experience possible for their clients. Others who come here for their Reno weddings enjoy the do-it-yourself approach to organizing and celebrating the event. Discovering and researching just the right venue, photographer, caterer and honeymoon location allows couples to design a wedding experience that is unique and special and that they will treasure for years to come.

Downtown Reno Weddings

The downtown area offers particular significance for Reno weddings. Not only is there the iconic Biggest Little City arch to give your event a sense of atmosphere, but there is also the bridge across the Truckee River. When Reno served as the nation's divorce capital, women were said to have thrown their wedding rings into the river here as a symbol of their newfound freedom, so it makes for a particularly wry and ironic background for wedding photography.